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SkyCam Drone Franchise Opportunity

Capture drone aerial images and video with your own SkyCam drone franchise.

Run your own drone operation thanks to the experts at SkyCam. You can establish your own business doing something amazing in a thriving industry.

No experience necessary... full drone photography course training is given to get started as well as flight training!


Drone hire in the UK has absolutely gone through the roof in the last five years and is now thriving, but with the laws and regulations in place, you need to ensure you are licensed and backed by the right people before stepping into this industry. That’s where, undergoing drone photography courses becomes necessary.

Drones have made it possible to take photos and video footage that could have only previously been taken by helicopter or plane. This new method is cheaper, quicker and easier, yet produces simply stunning footage.

There could not be a better time to get into this marketplace.

When you take delivery of your SkyCam drone franchise, you get all the benefits of running your own business without the headaches of how to get it set up. Flying the drone for other people is so much fun it won't even feel like work.


Rob approached SkyCam in 2023 looking for an opportunity to work within the drone industry with the leading drone franchise in the UK.

After a few conversations with head office and other franchisees, we were delighted to welcome Rob onboard.

Since joining the team, Rob has been full of positive energy and a real pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to many more years working and growing the entire business together with Rob.

Welcome on board Rob!
See Robs testimonial below sent in 2024.


“Joining SkyCam in April 2023 felt like the right lift-off point for my entrepreneurial dreams. The nationwide brand presence, coupled with the promise of head office support and a vibrant franchisee community, convinced me to ditch the "go-it-alone" route.

Balancing the set up and training with my existing job was challenging, but the online flexibility allowed me to learn at my own pace. Witnessing SkyCam's recent commitment to franchisee success, like the engaging marketing workshop I attended, truly impressed me. Their push for innovation, including the upcoming Dronedesk tool, further solidifies my confidence in soaring alongside SkyCam.

By my first anniversary, I'll be fully dedicated to SkyCam, confident in reaching new heights. But beyond the business potential, the sense of camaraderie and shared goals among the franchisees is truly special. This supportive network makes me feel more than just a franchisee; I'm part of a team, sharing triumphs and learning from each other's journeys.

If you're considering taking flight with SkyCam, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. The supportive environment, ongoing training, and focus on innovation create a launchpad for success. And, of course, don't hesitate to reach out – I'm happy to share my experiences!”


- Rob, SkyCam franchisee


SkyCam holds regular franchisee meetings at their head office, providing an opportunity for franchisees to come together and exchange ideas. These meetings take place in our unique and vibrant environment, as the offices are themed after 80s movies. The franchise headquarters are not just a typical corporate setting; they are designed to foster a sense of fun and creativity.

Within the office space, franchisees can find various recreational activities to enjoy during their breaks or after the meetings. There are pool tables, table tennis setups, and racing arcades, allowing franchisees to unwind and have some friendly competition. Additionally, the office boasts a fully equipped state-of-the-art gym.

Apart from the enjoyable atmosphere and recreational facilities, the franchisee meetings also serve as a valuable networking opportunity. Franchisees from different locations can connect, share their experiences, and learn from one another. These meetings facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices, helping franchisees to enhance their businesses and overcome challenges collectively.

To further enrich the franchisee meetings, SkyCam often invites guest speakers to share their expertise on various topics. These speakers may cover subjects such as marketing strategies, drone advice, or other relevant industry insights. By bringing in experts from different fields, SkyCam ensures that franchisees receive valuable knowledge and guidance to support their businesses.

Food and drink is supplied and it is also a great way for any new franchisees thinking of getting involved to come up and chat with existing franchisees and meet the team.

See some recent images below from a recent event run by Mark Hallam of SkyCam with the assistance of his wife Lisa.


You will not need any experience in video, photography, or flying radio-controlled aircraft,, as absolutely everything is given to you in our provided in our drone photography courses.

SkyCam now has many franchisees nationwide, with numbers growing each week, making us the largest in-house supplier of drone operators in the UK!

Running your own drone franchise can earn you anything between £150 and thousands of pounds per job.


  • State of the art – DJI Drone.
  • CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Unmanned Aircraft Pilots Licence.
  • Professionally designed website.
  • Email signature design.
  • 100 professionally designed glossy premium business cards.
  • Google PPC (pay per click) and Analytics set up – optional.
  • Facebook PPC (pay per click) advertising set up – optional.
  • Facebook business account set up and designed.
  • A local rate number ready to divert to any mobile or landline of your choice. (optional and subject to small monthly fee).
  • Drone policies and procedures pack.
  • Any overflow work from our other franchisees and head office enquiries (handed out on a daily basis to our franchisees).
  • Marketing guidance and marketing advice literature emails to get you started and receiving enquiries. Also includes our very own 'How To Earn Money With Your Drone' e-brochure.
  • Ongoing support via your own account manager.
  • Branded uniform including jacket and polo shirt.

Will I Get Much Work?

After the completion of drone photography courses, we provide you with a specialised marketing package and advice to help with new enquiries. In our drone photography courses, we will also set-up and design all your marketing material as well as providing:

  • A stunning website fully optimised for Google.
  • A Google maps business listing professionally designed and optimised.
  • Professional set up and design of your social media account.
  • Google PPC account management and set up (optional).
  • Ongoing advice and assistance from our in-house marketing team.
  • Head office referrals that come in for your area (currently handing these out on a daily basis to our franchisees Nationwide).


  • 60 sites job for a single franchisee working with a telecommunications company
  • Ed Sheeran concert- 10 drones required for security working with police
  • Dunelm multi-store job
  • Countless roof surveys
  • Tv work for Channel 4 and Sky TV
  • 2023 Kings coronation party at multiple locations
  • Estate Agents property work and so much more…

We are currently offering an exclusive deal of just £14,500 for the franchise. We have many franchisees nationwide with numbers growing each week. Availability is now becoming very limited. Don't miss out on this opportunity, contact us today to check if your area is free!


Run your own aerial drone franchise business with SkyCam! Watch the videos below to see some examples of our
franchisees experience to date.

Beginners Course (Confidence Course)

This course is designed to prepare you for your GVC course. It will give you the confidence to not only complete your GVC successfully but enjoy it too. We will go through every aspect of the course to ensure that you are confident with your drone and flying high when it comes to your practical flight assessment.

  • What is an Operations Manual & why do we need it
  • What kind of information will you need to know on your exam
  • How to safely fly your drone - Settings and how to use them
  • Flight practice with a member of our team (If requested)

Perfect for aspiring aerial photographers, our SkyCam franchise covers everything from basic drone operations to advanced photography techniques. With GVC preparation, you’ll gain the certification needed to operate drones commercially and legally. Unlock the skies with SkyCam Franchise.

Post GVC Course (‘Real World’ Course)

This course is all about working your franchise in ‘The Real World’. We will show you how to troubleshoot most issues that may arise when you are out flying.

  • How to price, quote & Invoice
  • More flight practice if required
  • How to present yourself to a potential client
  • Photography skills
  • Portfolio building
  • Hazards on site
  • Pre-work checklist
  • And much more……

Join the SkyCam franchise today and learn the skills needed to thrive in the competitive market. IN addition, by attending our drone photography course, you will be ready to tackle any challenge and establish your franchise!

Equipment & Goodies

As well as your drone and all other items you receive with your franchise package you also receive a bonus goodie bag full of other useful items to take away with you. Please note, this is in addition to your drone and all other substantial items received separately to the goodie bag. When you have completed both of SkyCam drone photography classes held in house at our head office, we will provide you with this perfect starter kit for your franchise. This kit will equip you with the tools necessary to carry out any work with your drone. Items include but not limited to:

  • Digital Anemometer
  • Drone Landing Pad
  • Flight Caution Cones -flat packed version
  • SkyCam Hi-Viz Vest
  • Camera Wipes
  • High Fibre Cloth
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Pilot ID Badge in Leather Lanyard
  • Branded phone power pack
  • Branded travel flask
  • Premium branded note pads and pens

All packed into a premium branded SkyCam bag


Please see below a selection of recent newsletters sent out to our franchisees. This gives a small insight into some of the amazing opportunities our franchisees have been involved in over the last few months.


SkyCam franchisee 'Kate and Daniels' latest success

Two of our franchisees were successful in securing ongoing drone work via an opportunity from head office which has resulted in working 5-7 days per week traveling the country ongoing.

Starting work in 2020 with just Kate, it has now led onto requiring assistance from other franchisees, with Daniel being the next to join the contract in 2021.

  • "My main reason for joining with SkyCam was always to try and bring in the larger clients and achieving more ‘repeat work’. This was secured when I was asked to undertake a large contract, across the UK. Since then I have been working around 5 days a week, sometimes more. The clients I work for are brilliant, helping with locations for a safe take-off and landing, on call for any issues and extremely punctual payers. All in all I am a few months in and it is going very well"

  • "After starting out as one of the first franchisees from an opportunity given to me by friends within SkyCam, there has been no looking back.

    Taking time out recently to deal with family matters, I decided to step back into my franchise full time in 2020 where I am delighted to have now picked up in excess of £1000 per week regular work, out 5-7 days per week with my new DJI Matrice drone."

  • “I am excited to officially announce the launch of my new enterprise SkyCam Windsor on 10th July 2024. Although I am still consulting in the HR world, I wanted something I could have alongside that business, that got me away from a desk and doing something that tapped into my creative side.

    I have been exploring franchise opportunities for some time now but came across SkyCam about a year ago and after some discussion with colleagues, family and friends I took the plunge in October 2023 and bought my first franchise area.

    The team at SkyCam provide everything for an aerial videography/photography business from the drone and the supporting technology to the branded clothing, business cards and website, for me, as I am already working, I needed a package I could take off the shelf and make work from day one.

    The majority of flights will be outside and having played rugby for 25 years and spent many holidays hill walking and camping, I am looking forward to spending more time away from the office and getting back to being in the great outdoors, even if that is in the centre of Slough or Windsor where I might be carrying out a roof survey rather than working at an event like the Windsor Horse Show or the Slough Mela”

  • Jess Steele – SkyCam franchisee

    “I joined SkyCam in October 2021 with the intention of undertaking aerial roof surveys as a supplement to my main building surveying business.

    I have seen a steady increase in appointments during 2022 & 2023 via associates that I reached out to such as architects and fellow building surveyors who are coming to realise the benefits of using aerial footage for the purpose of their own designs and reports.

    This year I’ve seen a marked increase in appointments from architects and surveyors but mostly from property managers . I’ve recently undertaken three surveys in Halifax and three in Cardiff for a large property management company with over 3000 units across the UK.

    I recently approached a property management company in Winchester, Hampshire where I was asked to quote for aerial surveys and reporting on 64 properties within their portfolio.

    In the last two weeks, I have been successful in this bid and given the first eight properties to survey. Once the reports are finalised and published, the next round of appointments will be issued”

  • Terry – SkyCam franchisee

    "Looking for something to do to take me away from day-to-day building. I came across SkyCam Franchise. Fresh air, photography and fun, let's call.

    Got hold of Justin, very friendly and informative, and a good salesman. Signed up, everyone to date has been polite, sociable and informative. Just getting to the end of set up and looking forward.

    Thank you SkyCam for future opportunities and change of lifestyle.

  • Alex Bleiker - franchisee

    "I purchased my franchise in November 2019 but needed to finish up with my old job, Gemma and the guys in the office were great and happy to help. I started trading in late January and through February I got a few enquiries most of which turned into jobs …. then Covid hit! To be totally honest, I was really impressed how quickly the enquiries came through. SkyCam website is brilliant, well laid out, good user experience and most importantly an organic search result on google meaning when someone searches for drone pilots in your area you will come up first which is invaluable. The licence really helps you to understand the rules of the air and keeps you out of trouble and with a little creativity you can work almost anywhere! This is a great example of job where the more you put in the more you get out of it. I've really enjoyed it so far"

    As always, please keep sending any and all jobs my way. More than happy to travel.

    p.s. the Leicester doctors job should be going ahead, just trying to get permission from a rooftop car park to shoot there….

  • Daniel Kitchen – franchisee

    "I have been part of SkyCam franchise for nearly a year now (since 2019) and it has been fantastic. Picking up work through the website effortlessly, being part of the team is hands down the best way to achieve large drone contracts! Not only the work provided but the help and friendliness behind the scenes is second to none! Any queries I have are answered with great knowledge and speed. I would 100% recommend SkyCam to anyone!"

  • James – franchisee

    "If you're thinking of buying a SkyCam franchise then go for it, with their professionalism and knowledge there's guidance and advice from the beginning.

    I had 3 months ongoing work with a construction company who specialise in flood defences, after a few weeks of completing my course. I can honestly say buying a franchise from Skycam has been one of the best decisions I've ever made"

  • Mihai Petrescu – SkyCam franchisee

    "Not long had my franchise, being run part time initially, and after simple word of mouth during my taxi driving, I've already had the opportunity of a 300-property project along with further job opportunities. It's an excellent start, and support has been great. Looking forward to an exciting next 12 months"

  • Nigel – franchisee

    "The business is going well with my best ever week last week. I have two estate agents on board now supplying some regular work and have advertised in a local paper that has had some success, most of my jobs at the moment are coming through your marketing"

  • Gavin – franchisee

    "SkyCam offered support through the set-up period and have already provided a couple of referrals which have resulted in providing Aerial Photography services"

  • Terry Sloan – SkyCam franchisee

    "Since joining SkyCam in June 2017 I have received ongoing support, advice and help at each stage of the new business start-up. I have my own dedicated account manager who is always on hand to answer my questions I might have, and I am pleased that I chose this franchise.

    I am looking forward to a long standing, successful partnership with SkyCam and would happily recommend it to others"

  • Paul Williams – SkyCam franchisee

    "I qualified as a Drone Pilot back in April. SkyCam guys provided great support setting up SkyCam business in my area. Always on hand with helpful advice and tips on how to promote my business, and build upon SkyCam brand"

  • Within the first few weeks of being set up with the franchise this year…

    "I am beginning to get business leads through from various sources that you have set up which is fantastic"

    Richard Halton – SkyCam franchisee

  • Ian – franchisee

    "I received my long-awaited PfCO recently and I have plans to start promoting myself and looking for work, but without having done much of that at all yet, I've already been offered 4 jobs. SkyCam offered great support throughout the set-up process – and just the right level of encouragement to keep going. As well as the initial equipment and PFCO training, they have been a sounding board when I have needed advice, and they've provided information about additional training courses and they're helping me edit the first video I've produced. All their backing has been thoroughly supportive and professional"

  • Martin –franchisee (Nov 2017)

    "SkyCam have provided timely delivery of equipment, training and responses to my questions along the way. SkyCam is fun and enjoyable way of earning an additional income alongside other employment. Like any business though, jobs won't just land on your lap. Put together a business plan, a marketing strategy and make lots of connections through networking in your local area to make it a success. I did a big job yesterday photographing Chessington World of Adventures."

  • Colin Sycamore (2021)

    "I have been a Skycam Franchisee for almost 2 years and the initial organisation of equipment, training and business set up was excellent, along with the support from Head office.

    This enabled me to concentrate on passing and attaining the PfCO from the CAA, plus some additional training on Land surveying.

    The business was growing and with some leads via head office, the level of work was where I expected to be.

    Then the Pandemic hit, and we were grounded for some time, leads dried up and existing quotes were put on hold, but the support was always available when required.

    However, over the past few months (its now April 2021) the leads from SkyCam have been flowing and along with a major contract from a construction company, plus working with roofing companies, business is looking promising. The success rate for leads is about 75%, which is very acceptable."

  • Glen (2021)

    "I wanted to set up an aerial photography/videography business, and SkyCam franchise helped me to achieve this. They helped me to set up 2 areas within 2 months, including delivery of the drone and associated equipment, arranging theory/practical training with a CAA qualified trainer, and helping with the marketing and insurance.

    They were already providing potential leads before I gained my CAA GVC operational authorisation, and continue to support my business."

  • Mark Henderson (2021)

    "I have been a franchisee for just over a year now and have fantastic support from everyone at SkyCam. I love that fact that I get to complete different and varied jobs and that I can fit them around my life. It was a great decision to go for the franchise and do not regret it at all.

    I look forward to continue to grow and develop my business with the support of my account manager."

  • James Brindley - SkyCam franchisee

    "I received my PfCO in August 2019, and have been gradually doing some very interesting jobs, although 2020 when COVID hit everything slowed down, and now It's picking up again. I've just done a roof survey, which is going to now lead to more work, and last week I did an aerial photo shot of a field that will be used for camping, near Padstow in North Cornwall, with the Drone out at sea looking inland. The client was very happy, and now he wants one from the same position at high tide, at sunrise.

    This is the sort of work I decided to join SkyCam franchise for. My office for the morning will be a field on Cornwall's South West Coast Path and it beats working in a factory that's for sure. I'm now going to push for more of these jobs and all the tools and support are there for you to achieve this. I feel now I'm getting myself established, and I'm excited for my future with Skycam."

  • Ian Anderson - SkyCam franchisee

    "I received my long-awaited PfCO recently and I have plans to start promoting myself and looking for work, but without having done much of that at all yet, I've already been offered 4 jobs. SkyCam offered great support throughout the set-up process - and just the right level of encouragement to keep going. As well as the initial equipment and PFCO training, they have been a sounding board when I have needed advice, and they've provided information about additional training courses and they're helping me edit the first video I've produced. All their backing has been thoroughly supportive and professional"

  • Gavin West - SkyCam franchisee

    "SkyCam offered support through the set up period and have already provided a couple of referrals which have resulted in providing Aerial Photography services"

  • Chris Buckle - SkyCam franchisee

    "I recently took out a SkyCam franchise and have been very impressed with the level of support provided. I have now finished my PFCO course, I have my drone and website etc, which all looks very good. I’m not even 2 months in and have already received a number of enquiries through my website for work. As I’m awaiting my licence, I have passed the work on to another neighbouring franchisee for now. I have also met and spent time with another local franchisee who has been kind enough to take me out on a ‘Jet Ski’ job for BT Sports. I Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get into an industry that looks to have a very promising future"

  • Priya Bhatti - Franchisee

    "I joined SkyCam at the beginning of the year (2019) where I passed my PfCO and began business pretty quickly. Since then I have built an on-going partnership with a local estate agents, as well as filming at weddings. It is always challenging running a business whilst having a little one to look after, but the team are always at the end of the line to answer any questions I may have and support me in all ways."

  • Jeff Steel - SkyCam franchisee

    "Having purchased two areas with SkyCam in October 2021, I was given support to successfully complete GVC training and become CAA approved for commercial work by January 2022. My thoughts when purchasing the franchise was that the work generated would be as an additional to my traditional Building Surveying roles however given the level of enquiries and work I receive from SkyCam to date I suspect the commercial drone requirements will become more than a side arm to my existing business within the next 24 months. "

  • Mitch and Nirav – Franchisee ( March 2022 )

    "We were informed about Skycam through another franchisee. After looking through their website and the initial conversations, it sounded something of interest that could be a good side hustle.

    Anyway, as we had more talks and a couple of zoom meetings with SkyCam, and it soon started to feel that it could be quite exciting becoming drone pilots. We never had any previous experience; however, we were soon re-assured that there is plenty of support and training available in order to get our business off the ground. So, both myself and business partner decided to go for it. Due to other obligations, we were able to do the course and set up at a pace around our work, which was very helpful.

    It’s soon coming to 12 months of having our franchise and we have a number of leads.

    We have also had good support from Justin and the team. We have noticed that they are continuing to improve and invest in their CRM system and just generally to make the business a better platform for their franchisees.

    We are glad we have chosen Skycam as a company."

  • Mark and Lisa Hallam

    Since Joining SkyCam, we have been supported by the team at HQ with all facets of business set-up.

    They have also given us advice and assistance on all aspects of the aerial imaging business, from how to approach marketing through to quotations and general administration.

    Overall, we are grateful for all the support which SkyCam HQ have provided us with.

  • Rob McDonald– SkyCam franchisee

    "I joined SkyCam franchise at the beginning of 2022, in my short time with the brand I have received plenty of assistance from HQ and continue to do so they are always on hand to lend support should you need it, It’s the support and brand awareness that led me to choosing to be a part of SkyCam brand!

    I have spent most of my working life in the construction industry and at the end of last year I felt like branching out and making a change to something new after looking around at opportunities SkyCam was the one I decided to give a go, with an increasingly expanding industry and ever changing technology there is always something new and interesting to learn as well as being a good opportunity to create a viable living from. I’m pleased to have made the move into this industry and I’m excited for the experiences ahead from this new venture!

    I look forward to growing with the brand and working with the company to establish a successful franchise of my own!

    Kind Regards"

  • Paul Cruise – SkyCam franchisee

    “I’ve recently completed my set up with SkyCam. I only passed the training and got my operational Authorisation a few weeks ago and I’m already getting work trickling through. I completed my first paid job yesterday. I was nervous when I arrived on site but once I got the drone up, I started to really enjoy myself. I got some fantastic footage, and the client was really pleased. They also said they would be sending more work my way in the future. I enjoyed it so much it didn’t feel like being at work! I’ve got another job pencilled in later this month and I’m waiting to hear back from another I’ve quoted on. The support from SkyCam is fantastic and the team are always at the end of the phone if you need them. It’s early days but so far, I’m really enjoying my SkyCam journey”