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Since starting out in Essex with a single drone pilot, SkyCam hasn’t stopped growing, meeting every demand of the industry to get to a stage where they are now proud to be able to offer expert services Nationwide; from one trained drone pilot to vast team of professional pilots Nationwide, SkyCam operators can provide high-quality drone services throughout the whole of the UK.

Our offices are simply stunning, based over 2 floors which includes our own fully equipped state of the art gym, pool and games rooms and jaw dropping office area designed around movies and films from the 80’s to present day. Visitors are welcome and we would love to show you around our beautiful offices and showcase our in-house drones. We also have an area to fly the drones and showcase their capabilities.

We also have a selection of specialty drones at our head office which are made available to our franchisees. These include thermal drones along with drones that are fully equipped for search and rescue.

SkyCam franchise now has full Nationwide coverage including Ireland and Scotland. All our franchisees are licensed and fully insured and ready to take on any of your drone requirements.


We have created stunning offices for our team which is located in rural surroundings and occupies 2 floors. We welcome any visitors to arrange an appointment to pop in for a coffee and discuss their SkyCam franchise options.

The ground floor comprising of a state-of-the-art fitness studio for SkyCam team, along with stunning meeting room facilities, with the 1st floor being our main office area where the team are based, split into 3 separate glass partitioned areas.


As drone technology has continued to become more advanced, drones are being used in almost every industry sector, their diverse and unique capabilities making them priceless tools, able to provide numerous services. Piloted by professionals, high-quality drones are indispensable when it comes to services in a range of sectors from security and agriculture to being a significant part of filming and media production in both high budget and low budget productions. They can capture video footage at angles that were previously unimaginable, and all at high definition. Drones have the capabilities of completing a seemingly endless number of tasks and SkyCam are positioned perfectly to handle these tasks Nationwide.

SkyCam Franchise

At SkyCam we have more qualified and licensed drone operators than anyone else in the UK. Our experience and knowledge of drone control makes us the ideal operator to provide the best commercial services around. Our ‘in-house’ drone operators are highly trained to manage the best drones on the market and are incredibly skilled at getting just the right shot, regardless of which industry sector their services are needed in. At SkyCam we don’t just want to stop there; we believe in the service we provide and the skill of our operators, which is why by 2018, we aim to have over 100 qualified drone operators trained to the same expert level as our current professional team. Our state of the art drones are capable of providing the highest-quality images possible and every operator at SkyCam knows just how to get the best out of the technology.

Our friendly drone operators are always looking to add more pilots to SkyCam family and through our franchise programme, everyone can get a chance to join our team and be a professional operator. At SkyCam, not only can you become part of a thriving industry, but when you choose to franchise with us we will always ensure that you have the knowledge to operate a drone with the confidence to do it professionally. With the equipment to deliver the best and operators with the skill to produce outstanding results, when you choose SkyCam you can rest assured that you will only ever receive the finest service on the market. For the chance to become a highly valued pilot or to benefit from what drones can offer you, SkyCam is your one stop shop for drone expertise.


With a nationwide network of highly skilled and experienced drone pilots, we are proud to be leading the way in the rapidly growing drone industry. As technology continues to advance and the demand for aerial photography and videography increases, SkyCam is at the forefront, providing innovative services to clients across the country. Our passion for flying both drones and aircraft along with our Nationwide in house group of pilots is what sets us apart and makes us the go-to choice for all your aerial photography needs.

When it comes to the future of drone franchising in the UK, SkyCam is leading the way. We are continuously expanding our network and exploring new opportunities to bring our services to even more clients across the country.

We envision a future where drones are an integral part of everyday life, providing essential services in various industries. From property inspections and construction to agriculture and emergency services, the possibilities are endless. SkyCam is actively working towards expanding our network and exploring new services to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the UK.