Drone surveillance using aerial photography and videography

The world of surveillance has undergone a major shift in recent years with the introduction of drones. SkyCam drone surveillance company has revolutionized the sector by offering commercial and residential drone surveillance services. From security monitoring to inspection and surveying, SkyCam's technology has brought new capabilities to the industry. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of SkyCam's drone surveillance services and how they are changing the landscape of surveillance.

The benefits of droning surveillance

It can be used for surveillance and data collection. A surveillance drone can be used to monitor areas where it is difficult or dangerous for humans to go, such as in dangerous environments or areas with poor weather conditions. SkyCam drone surveillance services are perfect for this kind of task. With the use of thermal imaging, we can easily detect intruders in dark areas or at night time. Additionally, the surveillance footage captured by the drones can be used for investigations and evidence gathering. SkyCam drone surveillance can also be used to monitor traffic and crowds during events. Overall, drone surveillance is a cost-effective, efficient and versatile tool for a range of different industries and applications.

Commercial uses for SkyCam services

As a result of rapid improvements in UAV and camera technology over the past decade, drones are now able to use cameras that can shoot up to 5.2k resolution images and video. The higher the pixel density, the more accurate the survey is. In addition to improved camera technology, stabilisation techniques have also advanced, enabling drones to capture images in the most severe weather condition. Health and safety is important because of accuracy is one of the drone’s strongest benefits and a key reason why it is a popular survey method. Other aerial surveys require the use of heavy equipment at a height, which poses a risk to the health and safety of those involved with the survey. However, the use of a drone eliminates the need for individuals to work at a height, reducing the risk of accidents occurring during the survey.