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Wedding Photography & Videography

Wedding Events

Your special day deserves to be everything you ever imagined it to be and when it comes to the big day nothing less than perfect is ever acceptable. You have your dream wedding dress or ideal suit picked out, your location is spectacular and all booked, the only thing that is left to chance is the weather and on the day your fingers are crossed that it too will be perfect. Then it comes to the classic wedding photos; your wedding is unique to youand your photos deserve to be as well.

Media & Entertainment Industry

Trying to stay unique whilst getting the best wedding photos can be an impossible task; every idea seems like it has already been done by everyone else and you really want the perfect photo to remember your day with. That is where drones come in, you no longer have to rely on whatever position the photographer can get into, the sky is now literally the limit. Show off your dress from every angle imaginable with a drone that can capture 360 degree imagery. One of the best abilities of a drone is capturing aerial shots that previously would have been impossible without a massive budget; you no longer have to try and push everyone together for a group shot, you can take a full wedding party picture from the air.

The technology used to make state of the art drones is outstanding, producing the highest quality pictures and video effortlessly. You don’t even need to hope for good weather, the drone sensors will ensure that even a harsh burst of wind isn’t going to send it off track. A drone can offer so much more than standard photography options, let your day be truly unique and capture it from the air.