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Surveying Inspection


Surveying a building or area of land is extremely important to ensuring the continued safety and wellbeing of those working, as well as evaluating whether building can commence. Professional surveys can take a long time with a detailed check having to be carried out for every area of the site, along with thorough reports being drawn up to ensure that everything is correct. Many surveyors are enlisting priceless help from drone pilots, not only to make their checks more efficient but to gain a degree of assurance that has never been seen before.


One of the main uses of drones during surveys is to get a clear and crisp visual on the areas that are considered to be high risk and could possibly be dangerous for surveyors to personally inspect. Drones can provide accurate video footage of hard to reach places such as the roof of a commercial or residential property without the need for expensive scaffolding or professional specialist equipment.

The ability to provide not only recorded footage but also a live feed of the problem areas means inspections can be carried out from the ground – promoting increased safety as well as a much lower cost alternative to the classic approach.

From full coverage site inspections to the ability to provide laser scans of the highest parts of buildings, drones are being made use of in many surveyor’s’ important day to day tasks. The best drones on the market are fully equipped to deal impeccably well in all types of weather, whilst still providing top of the range quality material. With the option to professionally edit all the footage the drone has captured, it has never been easier to obtain and present a full survey of a building or construction area.