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Construction Inspection

Construction Monitoring

During a construction project, whether on a small domestic scale or a large commercial build, maintaining a clear visual of the construction site is paramount to the health and safety of the engineers, as well as ensuring the project is completed without issue. Drones are the ideal choice for complete project coverage, enabling a visual of the construction site that previously has never been seen. Simple construction inspections that previously may have called a halt to activity, can now be done in such a way that the entire project can be viewed without wasting valuable time.

Construction Monitoring

Drones on construction sites can be used for a multitude of reasons. The ability to capture pictures of hard to reach places and provide high quality video footage of the site will prove very useful throughout the construction process. One of the primary benefits drones bring is the ability to provide a live walkthrough of the entire site for use in health and safety checks as well as ongoing progress reports to those that have a stake in the project. Live footage or recorded footage of the site can highlight possible danger zones, allowing engineers to be better prepared for work on the site and increase efficiency during the entire project.

The technology used to create drones is always developing; with their high-quality imaging and video capabilities, drones produce expert footage as standard, especially in the construction industry where time is always of the essence. By using a drone, you can speed up processes that normally take a lot of time, and you will also get a true visual of the area you are working on as opposed to only a small section at a time.