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CCTV Site Security Services

Keeping your site secure overnight or even during operational hours is incredibly important as burglaries and damage to property is on the increase. The security industry has a lot of options for site security from full site CCTV to regular patrols and guard dogs; however, one of the most recent and efficient introductions to the security arsenal is the use of drones. Whilst drones may not be able to actively chase out an intruder, their use in site security are varied and extremely effective.

Site Security Services

The primary benefit of security drones is the ability to capture moving video; instead of stationary CCTV cameras or ones with very little angle movement, drones can survey a large area and cover every angle. This also make drones unpredictable to intruders; eliminating the problem of those looking to steal from you or damage your property from simply being able to take note of where the cameras are. Security drones offer the ability to view footage in real time, extending the eyes and ears of any security guard from a small area to your entire site, drones can provide a complete overview of your site at the same time.

Away from active security, drone video footage is invaluable for spotting weaknesses in gates or fences and any areas that could hinder the security of your site. Reviewing footage from the drone as opposed to checking everything on foot is both a cost saving and efficient way of ensuring your site is safe. Top of the range drones are extremely quiet and very resilient against strong winds; they are the best tool to increase the security of your site and one of the best options available on the market.