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Agriculture Crop Monitoring

Agriculture Crop Inspection

Just as the technology to harvest crops keeps developing, so does the technology to increase the efficiency of spraying and monitoring crops. Drones have been a part of the agriculture industry for many years, but recently as better technology is made available the use of drones is starting to expand. They are now being used in multiple cost-effective ways to increase crop return and maintain the health of crops throughout the year.

Agriculture Crop Inspection

Crop monitoring is a very time-consuming process and has to be undertaken regularly to ensure that the crops remain healthy and growing on time – often to strict timelines. Many of the monitoring options on the market are costly and inefficient, operating poorly in bad weather and providing inconsistent results that waste time. Drones are becoming the favoured device for professional quality crop monitoring at a fraction of the price of other methods and saving much needed time during every inspection. Used to provide a visual of the crops from a distance, large expanses of field can be monitored easily.

With crisp footage provided by the drone, crop infections can be spotted with enough time to act without losing large proportions of return that can be detrimental for both large and small agricultural operations. The quality of soil can be examined at an extensive level as well as the visuals to decide the best seed patterns for your land. Drone usage in agriculture is expanding extremely quickly and many of the processes that used to take days, is being reduced to hours.