A: The process is very simple. Simply fill in an enquiry form on this site or give us a call direct. We can then establish first of all if your area is available or taken. If it is available, we can then send you out a brochure and book in a time to chat further on the opportunity.

A: Prices can vary depending on any offers on at the time, area availability, how many territories you are looking to take on and so on. Request a latest brochure to see the current pricing and available options.

A: We run various courses as part of your franchise, including social media marketing. We also have an option where we can run your social media posts for you.

A: With a SkyCam franchise you will be provided with all the necessary tools, equipment and training to get going. This includes some basic flight training and ongoing support. You can even shadow an existing franchisee to get in some extra free tuition and help.

A: As with any franchise or business, you get out what you put in! Whilst we are handing out opportunities to our franchisees on a daily basis at HQ, you will still need to be very proactive and follow our guides. The drone industry is getting bigger each year as more and more consumers and businesses are realising the benefits of hiring out drones for a whole variety of different tasks.

A: You are given a single territory with the basic franchise package which includes a population of around 200,000 people. You can add additional territories if you wish to expand your business (subject to availability). Whilst you are handed your own territory, this simply means that no other franchisee can market themselves within this, likewise, you would not be able to market your business in another franchisee’s given territory. That being said, you can work Nationally with your franchise, providing the work has not derived from actively marketing in another franchisee’s territory.

A: We give pretty much unlimited support at SkyCam. This includes telephone and email support along with a number of surgery courses we regularly provide, and franchise ambassador contact details to speak to. We can arrange additional training and even shadowing an existing franchisee to spend the day getting hands on with the drone and kit.

A: There are no set hours. We simply expect a franchisee to answer and queries or enquiries in a timely manner, professionaly and promptly. We also expect a franchisee to be active with their promotion. That being said, we have many franchisees who start their franchise on a part time, weekend and evening bae around their existing work.

A: We show you exactly how to do this. You are given software and training that pretty much automates the entire process.

A: Great! Simply fill in the online form, call or email us. We will get back in touch with available territories and go over the process with you in more detail, ensuring the franchise is the right fit for you.