Real Estate Photography & Videography

Drones have also become the marketing tool of real estate. They provide the opportunity to showcase properties with beautiful photographs and videos, which ultimately increases its saleability. Prospective homebuyers tend to have a lot of basic questions about the neighbourhood. With the use of a video you can enable prospective buyers to review how close the property is to a road, how well maintained the area is, distance to local facilities/schools etc. Many prospective homebuyers rely on more traditional methods such as Google Maps and street view to answer these questions, whereas drone footage can provide a more accurate idea of the size of the property and/or its grounds.

Apartment blocks, which can look relatively plain from a photograph or ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing the view from windows/balcony.

Our drones have state of the art ‘sonar’ technology, which prevents any collisions, making them completely aware of their surroundings and thus are ideal for indoor use too. As such, real estate is also benefiting from videos of the inside of a large property. A drone can be safely flown indoors, therefore allowing prospective buyers the unique opportunity to ‘view’ the property from the comfort of their home.

There is no doubt that drones have enhanced the marketing opportunities of real estate, and increased the saleability of high end properties.