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SkyCam Nottinghamshire’s latest work

A great job completed by Simon, our Nottinghamshire based SkyCam franchisee, producing high resolution Aerial Photography of Properties for sale in Nottingham.

These showcase the property from all angles and provided the customer with a view they would have not been able to achieve easily without The SkyCam and the Aerial drones.

NW Leeds SkyCam franchisee latest roof survey

A positive week for The SkyCam NW Leeds!  One job involved a roof survey for a lovely couple whose house sits on a hillside, making it impossible to see one side of their roof from the ground. Now, armed with over 20 digital photos of their roof from every conceivable angle, they can approach roofing professionals for repair quotes and get the right deal. Our service has saved them time, aggravation and potentially lots of money! 

Have a great weekend!


It’s been a busy month for The SkyCam Ashbourne. They have been working with some amazing boat builders, race cars and building companies. We think the photos speak for themselves!

They have been sorting top quality high GSD nadir images and zooming over rooftops to get lots of roof inspections done before winter really kicks in.

The Skycam Northern- Demolition work.

The Skycam team are proud to showcase a very different aspect of our work, which used Aerial footage to help workout the volume of this rubble for A Buckler Demolition, so they know how many loads it will take to remove it from site. A brilliant way to get organised and give a fair price, which saves the hassle of a mountain of mathematics work. This excellent piece of technology really helped the team get precise details and produced this excellent image to demonstrate this detail.

The Skycam, North East Leeds-Aerial Photos of the Penshaw Monument.

The Skycam are delighted to showcase just a snippet of the amazing footage taken by the team in Leeds, who excel in Ariel landscape photography. This beautiful shot of the Penshaw Monument demonstrates just how clear the images are, and the amazing views captured that cannot be seen from floor view photography. This is a great showcase for the work the team have done, travelling all over the world, capturing the wonders of the world we live in!

The SkyCam Tamworth, Loughborough and Sutton Coldfield- Aerial Photo shoot of house renovations.

Some really impressive work from the team, with some excellent shots providing clear images making the property look even more appealing. Aerial photography can really highlight the setting your property and give a different perspective to that of normal photography shots. If you are interested in having aerial photography or videography, be it you are a home owner looking to showcase work you have had done, or you are selling a property, make sure to ask for aerial photography, which will put you above the potential competition, and leave you satisfied with the results.


The SkyCam were delighted to be involved in an amazing mornings shoot for a supercar promotional event after this enquiry came through to head office. This was a last minute job that came in after the client was let down by another drone pilot. We rushed a pilot to site within just a few hours and ended up having a fantastic morning filming and photographing some simply stunning cars and aeroplane.

Field Dragon Hill Carving

Created in memory of a dragon once recorded spotted in 1405 is this astonishing hill
carving, photographed by a SkyCam franchisee. According to the account, several
locals claimed they saw the terrifying creature.

The apparent huge beast had a crested head, serrated teeth, and long tail. It apparently
terrorized the local village, breathing fire at anything that moved and even killing a
shepherd and his flock according to the story. It was more likely a crocodile kept by King
Richard I (“Richard the Lionheart”) that apparently escaped and ended up in local


We hope you will find this short article of use as it contains some very useful information that should assist you and your business during these next few months.

  1. If you currently pay no or little business rates, you may be entitled to a grant of £10,000. You do not need to apply for this, you will be contacted directly by the local authority. It may be worth checking you are registered as the rates payer to ensure you don’t miss out here.
  2. Business Insurance – It is worth refereeing to the business interruption clause in your policies as it may entitle you to financial assistance.
  3. Business Interruption Scheme – For additional lending and Overdrafts there is looking to be an initial 6 months interest free period. You will need to contact your bank direct to discuss this possible option
  4. Tax payment difficulties – There is a dedicated helpline on 0800 0159559. They will assist you in arranging a payment plan with no penalties.
  5. The government are also informing large businesses that they need to ay smaller businesses immediately and not on lengthy payment terms.

Please also us this very useful link which we are sure will be of use to you

Please stay safe during these times and look after yourselves and your families. SkyCam are operating our live web chat, HQ phone support and all other channels of communications as usual and we expect to keep this going through the lockdown period if you need any assistance.

Flood and weather damage work

As bad as all this horrendous weather has been, it has had some positive effects on demand for roof and chimney inspections, flood damage and the like. Last month SkyCam HQ have handed out over ‘40 jobs’ for this type of work alone to our franchisees Nationwide.

TV/Film work with Sheridan Smith

Channel 4 contacted us in recent weeks to request us working with them on a brand-new documentary with celebrity Sheridan Smith. The work involved aerial shots and video footage to compliment the show. This was for a ‘few days’ work.

Dunelm Aerial Photographs

SkyCam Head Office recently passed on a project to a franchisee for Dunelm which has resulted in the aerial shots for multiple sites being secured by our Lake District and Newcastle based franchisee.

Big Green Surf School

The SkyCam were recently asked to film some amazing footage for Big Green Surf School in Newquay. Big Green are a surfing and beach safety provider and approached us this month to help provide a new promotio0nal video. Video footage coming soon. Watch this space!

Newquay Community Orchard

The community orchard is a fantastic project being funded by local businessmen and volunteers to extend the actual orchard which has workshops and gets people from the local community some with learning difficulties helping to build and grow fruit trees and vegetables etc.

The land was given to the community by the Duke of Cornwall AKA Prince Charles who is overlooking the project and has now given the go ahead for a huge hobbit style amphitheatre to be built which is now under construction, to be finished next summer.

The SkyCam will take video and photograph footage of the area under construction as it progresses.

Video footage coming soon!

Commercial site aerial photographers

We see a huge variety of weird and wonderful enquiries for our pilots Nationwide. In the last few months in particular, we have been inundated with building sites, farms and other commercial sites looking for aerial photography.

Youngs, Middleton One Row – Property photos

SkyCam Aerial photograph of a property in Middleton One Row, North Yorkshire, showing off the property in all its glory, along with its stunning surrounding land and beautiful scenic views.

Drones are becoming more and more necessary to showcase such properties in all their glory, giving angles and heights unreachable from ground level.


This is typical of the kind of work we are involved in throughout the UK. From windfarms on land and out at sea, to School roof inspections and crop surveys, the list goes on. We have the capability to carry out a vast range of work with our drones.

This stunning image is just a taste of some of the amazing images and video we produce for our clients Nationwide.

The SkyCam Roof, Chimney and Gutter Inspections

The SkyCam uses advanced technology with our drones to enable us to give you immediate measurements and precise plans for aerial roof surveys. The below shows an example of a very quick aerial inspection carried out by Clacton based franchisee, detailing exact measurements required by the property owner. Results were delivered to the client immediately after the drone was sent up.

The SkyCam working with Drone Deploy

Aerial Site Intelligence in Real Time

As aerial photographer, we can also create accurate, high-resolution maps, reports, and 3D models, including real-time 2D Live Maps to allow for analysis of sites.

See below example as provided to ‘Haven Hotels’ Group by The SkyCam

Aerial photos for fishing lake

We were recently asked to take some aerial photos for a local privately owned fishing lake as they were looking to potentially expand the lake size and add additional landscaping to the site.

The photos taken enables the owners to have a clear view of surrounding boundaries and other obstacles.


SkyCam were recently asked to take some aerial photography and low level photography for a local pet magazine.

Our SkyCam franchisee took these pictures on an early morning, capturing some stunning back drops during the shoot. The images will shortly be showing in a very well-known national advertising campaign.

Another great job for SkyCam and a very happy customer!

2 Recent projects covered by The SkyCam

SkyCam was recently asked by a media agency to provide aerial footage for them. This was for a film project detailing the regeneration project of Burgess Hill. This was a promotional video for Mid Sussex District Council which involves flying at 14 different locations around the town centre and green spaces.

SkyCam were believed to be the first operators in the UK to film a funeral by drone. This was the funeral of the former Lord Mayor of Oxford, who’s funeral took place at Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire. This job came as a direct result of a photo posted on Facebook months back of Broughton Castle by The SkyCam.

This project involved filming the funeral cortège from their home, to the castle. To maintain legal distances of the operator and the drone, our drone operator was sat on the trailer as a tractor pulled him through fields along the 2 mile route.

Promotional Shots for Website

Primax Plastics sponsor Clio Cup Racing driver Max Coates and one of our franchisees was contacted to provide some aerial photography for promotional use in updating their web site and brochures. The client was very happy with the results.

For more of Gavin’s work, please go to his website:

Marketing shots for a Bed & Breakfast

Our client was contacted by a couple who were looking to sell their Bed & Breakfast and required some aerial images to showcase their property and surrounding grounds. Client was overjoyed with the resulting images.

For more of Gavin’s work, please go to his website:



Our Bath franchisee ‘Martin’ has recently been showcased in Octobers edition of a leading local magazine ‘The Bath Magazine’.

Martin has taken some stunning images of Bath which attracted the attention of the magazine earlier this year.

For more images from Martin, please view his page direct on


Our Edinburgh based SkyCam operator was recently asked to take some aerial images of underground pipes.

Drones make this kind of work effortless for land owners, giving instant access to high res images that you simply cannot get with things like Google Maps.

We are seeing more and more of these kinds of requests for our drones Nationwide.

See more of Ian’s work at

Land images for local farmer in Essex

One of our Essex based Pilots was asked to photograph some local images of farmland for a land owner.

Drones are ideal for aerial shots like this and make for a far less expensive alternative to methods of the past such as aeroplanes to take such images.

DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4 drone

We were recently asked to put the Mavic and Phantom 4 in a head to head trial over in Maldon in Essex.

We found the results very interesting. The Mavic being much smaller was much easier to carry to location ( we had to walk around half a mile ). The Mavic was just thrown over the shoulder via a shoulder strap and carry case no bigger than a typical camera case. The Phantom 4 however comes in a much bigger and heavier polystyrene carry case. The phantom 4 in its box does however look a little more substantial and commercial looking in our opinion.

Performance wise, there was very little in it. Both were very quick to respond and very smooth to fly. Both reached similar heights at full speed pretty much simultaneously, the Mavic being slightly quicker ( not that speed should really be a deciding factor in our opinion ).

Both take outstanding footage.