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Promotional Shots for Website

Primax Plastics sponsor Clio Cup Racing driver Max Coates and one of our franchisees was contacted to provide some aerial photography for promotional use in updating their web site and brochures. The client was very happy with the results.

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Marketing shots for a Bed & Breakfast

Our client was contacted by a couple who were looking to sell their Bed & Breakfast and required some aerial images to showcase their property and surrounding grounds. Client was overjoyed with the resulting images.

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Our Bath franchisee ‘Martin’ has recently been showcased in Octobers edition of a leading local magazine ‘The Bath Magazine’.

Martin has taken some stunning images of Bath which attracted the attention of the magazine earlier this year.

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Our Edinburgh based SkyCam operator was recently asked to take some aerial images of underground pipes.

Drones make this kind of work effortless for land owners, giving instant access to high res images that you simply cannot get with things like Google Maps.

We are seeing more and more of these kinds of requests for our drones Nationwide.

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Land images for local farmer in Essex

One of our Essex based Pilots was asked to photograph some local images of farmland for a land owner.

Drones are ideal for aerial shots like this and make for a far less expensive alternative to methods of the past such as aeroplanes to take such images.

DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4 drone

We were recently asked to put the Mavic and Phantom 4 in a head to head trial over in Maldon in Essex.

We found the results very interesting. The Mavic being much smaller was much easier to carry to location ( we had to walk around half a mile ). The Mavic was just thrown over the shoulder via a shoulder strap and carry case no bigger than a typical camera case. The Phantom 4 however comes in a much bigger and heavier polystyrene carry case. The phantom 4 in its box does however look a little more substantial and commercial looking in our opinion.

Performance wise, there was very little in it. Both were very quick to respond and very smooth to fly. Both reached similar heights at full speed pretty much simultaneously, the Mavic being slightly quicker ( not that speed should really be a deciding factor in our opinion ).

Both take outstanding footage.